Reimagining a blockbuster site for the responsive web

There was once a time before the “There’s an App for that” smart phone revolution and, in that time, Flash ruled the design world. We used Flash to create an award winning, juice splashing website for Tampico and it became our model for clients to showcase the possibilities of what we could do with web design.

But then things changed. As functionality on multiple platforms became crucial to the user experience, we had to totally revamp our ideas about design. Tampico wanted to modernize the look and functionality of their website while maintaining the festive, colorful and interactive spirit.


Initial Planning

We accepted the challenge and ran with it- actually we flew- to Chicago! The project kicked off in Chicago when we met with the creative visionaries at Tampico who let us see firsthand what makes their product Irresistible. After a steak at Harey Caray’s we flew back to Kentucky thinking about how we would incorporate Tampico’s branding techniques into a vibrant, fully responsive website.


Built for the Responsive Web

This project called for an intense meeting of the creative and analytical minds here at Hitcents. Extensive planning and a step-by-step process assured a layout that was cohesive, functional and fully responsive regardless of device and screen size.


With a dose of CMS

What fun is it to go through a middleman every time you need to add an update to your website? For a growing, dynamic company like Tampico, that was out of the question. We created a CMS system that allowed calendars, events and promotions to be updated easily keeping Tampico fresh, fun and up to date.

And a splash of social media

Pin your favorite crumb cake recipe (secret ingredient: Tampico Citrus Punch.) Like the Blue Raspberry flavor on Facebook. Instagram that Tampico smoothie you just made and share it on Twitter. By incorporating social media into the site, Tampico lovers can easily share their juicy experiences with friends, family and followers for a sweet user experience.


Final Product

Thoughtful design and careful planning insured Tampico’s website would look delicious not only on your computer’s browser, but on your iPhone, iPad and anything else with a screen. Functional, beautiful, irresistible on any platform--We’ll drink to that.

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