WKU Communication Theory

The textbook just grew up.

Textbooks are expensive, and that’s a drag for students since they are forced to shell out top dollar for brand new textbooks when new editions are published every few months. Turns out, students aren’t the only ones irked with this system. A few frustrated communication professors at WKU decided to buck the system and create their own material for students.

Problem was, they needed an effective and cost efficient way to distribute the content to students. That’s where we came in. We wanted to create a product that would resonate with students’ lifestyles while simultaneously breaking down the cost barrier for schools that wish to self-publish. We might even be able to save a few trees along the way.

Our Solution

Accessibility was key because our goal was not to supplement a textbook with an app, but replace the textbook entirely. We set about crafting a native iOS app that would be compatible with the iPhone and iPad as well as a companion website that could be accessed on Andriod devices and, of course, desktop computers.

Our Process

Initial planning always begins with meeting with clients and extensive brainstorming sessions. Wireframes developed as we carefully considered functionality and user experience. Interactive wireframes and hi-fidelity mock ups allowed us to explore the products, ourselves, so that bugs could be found and fixed before passing the final product to our client.


Final Product

The WKU Comm app gives professors the power to create their own content without the cost of print publication, and opens the door to interactive learning for students. Education is a beautiful thing, especially when note taking, content search, assignment submission, and professor feedback are available all in one place. We successfully replaced the static textbook with a dynamic communication tool between professors and students.

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