Hitcents makes great apps.
Xamarin provides a great platform.

That’s a pretty powerful partnership

As a Premier Consulting Partner, Hitcents has utilized Xamarin’s cross-platform development software for many projects, including the Field Service App. Xamarin’s platform enables us to develop our apps at Hitcents for multiple platforms simultaneously while sharing a large portion of code between platforms. Shared code reduces redundant programming, speeds up the timeline, and enables us to get our apps to wider market in a shorter amount of time. We code so well that Xamarin has used us to create sample apps such as the Field Service App to distribute to their users, and named our Senior App Developer, Jon Peppers, MVP for his proven expertise.

Field Service App


Hitcents produced a pre-built app for Xamarin to supply to their users as a starting point and an example of best practices for cross-platform development.

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