Written By Jamie Resch

Considering In-House Services? Why Interactive Firms May Be A Better Option.

July 01, 2014 | business

When your company is needing a website or app, you may think that hiring someone to work for you in-house is the best solution. Naturally, you’ll look for candidates with the most experience, with multiple completed projects on their resume.

While someone with a lot of experience might seem to be the most qualified at first glance, you’ll need to take a look at their past projects and examine the level of quality in their work. Do these designers and programmers keep up with the latest trends? Have they been adaptable over the years as mobile operating systems changed with new updates? These aren’t questions your firm might know to ask.

If you want to give your firm a virtual makeover, you might use your company’s resources to hire a programmer and designer with the most experience. You take the time to train these people, get them familiar with your corporate culture, and embed them within your company.

Your new employees deliver on the project by launching a new website, but you don’t get the results you wanted. Maybe the user interface is difficult to use, or the user experience for your current clientele was compromised in the transition. The investment you made in these persons makes your firm liable for the impact on your customers, and you have to spend even more time and resources to fix any issues that arise. You are also stuck with a designer or programmer on your company’s payroll, with specific skillsets that your company did not need before.

Now imagine that instead of hiring a designer, programmer and UX guy, you seek the help of an interactive firm to do the job. Your company doesn’t have to worry about asking the right questions during an interview. An interactive firm can provide you with the trained staff needed to complete any project. You can even contact that firm’s Clients and gain greater insight into their past work.

Your company is an expert in what they do, and should devote all their time and energy to that field. You shouldn’t have to worry about your employees keeping up with the latest trends and design guidelines, and you shouldn’t be liable for a project when it affects your customers in a negative way. Interactive agencies work to deliver a website or app that perfectly suits the look and functionality your company needs.

Hiring an interactive firm is also a short term investment. You can choose from a pool of trained, adaptable, and experienced staff, instead of having to train someone on your own. Once the project is complete and your customers are satisfied with the result, you can part ways and continue to focus on what really matters: your business.

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