Written By Stefan Meadows

Creating an Effective Short Video

March 04, 2013 | videography

When making a short film or video, be it commercially or otherwise, it is important to get your story, or message, across in the most effective manner.  People’s time, and attention span, are short, and they have little time in which to be promoted to.  By following a few key rules, you will be able to create an interesting video that will also get your point across.

Before starting any video project, it is important to know what the message you are trying to convey is.  Viewers can tell when a filmmaker has gone into a project without a clear vision.  If the filmmaker does not have a clear idea of what they are doing, the viewer has no way of telling what they are supposed to feel.  So before beginning any project, make sure you know exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve. 

It is important to remember, when making a video of any sort, that film is a visual medium.  It is always more effective to show, rather than tell.  The videos that viewers always remember are ones that have powerful imagery that they can latch onto.  Instead of using voice-over, or any other type of dialogue, think first if you can get the same message across visually.

Living in the age of YouTube, it is integral to be inventive.  With 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, you have to make your video stand out in order to have it viewed.  Don’t be afraid to use new techniques, even ones that seem weird or strange, to create something new and fresh.  Viewers today are more open-minded when it comes to videos and expect something they have not seen before.

It’s important to get to the point.  People give videos about 10-15 seconds before they decide whether they are going to finish watching it or not.  Make sure that your video starts strong, with something that will lure the viewer into the rest of the video.  Captivate them, then move onto the message.

Finally, don’t be long winded.  In the time of short thirty second clips, it is important to get your message across quickly and economically.  When a viewer sees that a video is longer than a minute, it is hard to convince them to watch it all, no matter how good it is.  So think of ways in which you can get your message across in a shorter time span.  Most ideas can be told visually, quickly.


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