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Epic Sounds With The Draw a Stickman Epic: 2 Team

September 10, 2014 | draw a stickman / app development

Our game development team brought out their inner talents as voice actors this week, recording sounds for the upcoming Draw a Stickman: Epic 2. Taking a roundtable approach, they took turns recording voices and sounds for the many characters and items in the game, ranging from a scientist to a tiny turtle, and much more. 

Guided by images and descriptions of these items, our team members were tasked with getting into the right mind frame to create voices and sounds that would fit with the game. Members shrieked, cheered, interjected, mumbled, and created dozens of unique sounds. It was very serious work trying to effectively reproduce the sound of a turtle shell breaking, bird squawking, or a bat attacking. 

The goal of the session was to record a wide range of voices and sound effects to use in Draw a Stickman: Epic 2 so as to create an interactive experience that will be fully engaging to players. We believe that even the smallest details are important. Rather than having all characters assume identical voices, we want them to have unique, singular voices that match their image, personality, and how they would respond through a variety of situations. So, when a game character is apprehensive about encountering another person, his voice will properly reflect that. When a creature is on the offensive and battling, the sounds it makes will match the intensity and excitement of that moment. When something splatters, we expect it to produce an accompanying sound that fits perfectly. 

The members of the game development team encouraged each other during the whole experience: one moment giving advice and tips, and the next moment bursting into laughter from listening to the concoction of noises being created. Some voices were recorded perfectly with one try, and at times, a person would have several takes before discovering the right vocal effects to capture. 

This short video gives a small view into the process, as we continue to make great progress with Draw a Stickman: Epic 2. We hope you will enjoy the game when it is released. Stay tuned for more updates.

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