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Gift Ideas for the Graphic Designer in Your Life – Part 1

December 09, 2010 | creativity / design

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that graphic designer in your life? We know – you have no clue where to start (because, really - they are a little, ummm, eccentric...) Well, the designers at Hitcents are sharing their letter to Santa with you, to give you a little direction!

Dear Santa,
We have been very good this year. We haven't used Comic Sans, Papyrus, or Curlz fonts at all! We have tried to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) as often as possible, and we have respected white space. We've kept our navigation clear, our message uncluttered, and have even been nice to clients! Hopefully you will bring us everything on our list (beautifully packaged, of course...)

  1. Desk Gadgets – We can't be bothered to walk all. the. way. to the fridge EVERY time we need a diet coke... $19.99 from Think Geek.
  2. Print – Inspiration and beautiful typography should always go hand in hand! $10.00 from Letterhappy Etsy Shop
  3. Font(s) – We can NEVER have enough fonts. Cost Varies – Example is Piel Script, $89.00 on Veer.
  4. Communication Arts Magazine – Even the ads are beautiful. $53 from
  5. Hoodie – Confusing everyone. Stylishly. $48.00 from Ugmonk.
  6. Holga Camera – Those imperfections from cheap cameras? Yeah, we like those. $48.00 from Urban Outfitters.
  7. Coffee & Mug – Caffeine is VITAL. Almost as vital as having a witty mug to go with it. Mug $14.99 from Cafepress, Coffee $9.95 from Starbucks.
  8. Moleskine –It's this, or the napkin from the restaurant we are at when inspiration hits. This is nicer than a napkin. $12.00 from Moleskine.
  9. iMac – Because it's true – we're all Apple fanatics. Or wish we could afford to be. $1199 from Apple.
  10. Calendar – Or any excuse for beautiful typography, really... $28.00 from Orange Beautiful Etsy Shop.

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