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Hitcents Goes to ChinaJoy

August 12, 2014 | china

In another whirlwind trip across the world, Hitcents was able to make a stop at ChinaJoy 2014 in Shanghai last week. ChinaJoy is one the largest game festivals, with over 250,000 people in attendance. For Hitcents, it was an exciting week full of meetings with key partners and networking events to broaden our opportunities.

The highlight of my week came as I was given the honor of presenting at ChinaJoy. I spoke about “Exploring Intellectual Property Based Monetization Gains With Mobile Gaming” and used our experiences at Hitcents as a reference point. I discussed exploring Intellectual Property opportunities and the complications that come with acquiring that Hollywood IP.

IP offers numerous benefits which are advantageous in the mobile gaming market. Due to the established popularity of a particular IP, advertising costs are often drastically reduced. Many IPs, such as those associated with the Hollywood entertainment industry, often come with an existing fan base, which helps to build momentum and drive traffic to an app. Additionally, IP often provides opportunities for numerous partnerships with other companies for in-game promotion.

IP has its own unique challenges, though, which are worth noting. The cost of an IP varies greatly, depending on whether you want to use a global IP or an IP that is exclusive to a certain territory. Because of the nature of buying or working with an IP, there tend to be numerous stakeholders—directors, producers, and agents—that are actively involved in the game process, from development stages to publishing and marketing. In this respect, trust and relationships are very important. You need to maintain a strong level of communication with multiple parties to ensure that a project is successful and meets the vision of all the critical parties, including the IP owner, who is often heavily involved.

Hitcents is strategically positioned to work with IP. By having an office in Los Angeles, California, we are able to work hand in hand with IP owners, many whom are celebrities in the entertainment industry. The offices in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Shanghai, China are used to develop and publish games and apps with global rights, while our San Francisco, California office fosters collaboration to produce a high quality app or game that the IP owner would be happy to be involved with.

ChinaJoy provided many great opportunities and experiences. In addition to speaking at ChinaJoy, I participated in Unity Technologies’ Welcome Ceremony as one of the first companies to be a part of the Unity Incubation project, where we hope to co-develop games in China in the near future. We also held a press conference in conjunction with Rock Mobile announcing our partnership where Hitcents will bring Hollywood IP to Rock Mobile, which will allow them to produce new IP based games in China.

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