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Importing data just got easier with Omniprise

February 10, 2011 | omniprise / business

Your company is growing, the economy is improving and you just bought out your competitor!  Yes sir, things are looking good for you. Then you think, wait a minute, I have to merge all their data into my system and there is a ton of it.  I do not want to manually enter all that data and everyone is busy as it is.  What am I going to do?  Well, worry no longer.  You use Omniprise and we’ve got a perfect solution!

Omniprise is proud to announce that we’ve added an advance System Import tool to our already impressive suite of applications.  With OmniSystem Import, users can load data into all modules within Omniprise from a simple spreadsheet.  When you were young at your Grandpa’s house and he was telling you a story, I’m sure you heard the line “In the old days we had to walk up a hill both ways in 10 feet of snow."  Well, before our System Import tool, it was kinda like that.   Custom API scripts would have to be written to simply upload formatted data but our users asked for more and we listened.  Now users can upload CSV and XLS files on their own terms.   

A sample file is included for download for each module with the column names already filled out.  Just enter the data and save the file and you’re ready to go.  There is no guess work involved either; we wanted to make the process is simple as possible. Additionally, we included information on every field within the selected module, including but not limited to whether it’s required, amount of characters that can be entered, field type and examples of the type of information that can be used in the field.  The import manager can also handle one-to-many relationships so if a vendor or contact has two phone numbers or 50, they can be imported through one spread sheet.

Worried about errors when uploading data from another system? We’ve got that covered too!  Error checking is built into the logic ensuring that bad data cannot be put into the system.  Users can choose to roll back all data if one or more errors occur or simply skip bad records.  Either way, you don’t have to guess what’s happening.  It’s all detailed in the Upload Status Console.  So you can relax a little knowing that data entry is no longer a hassle with Omniprise, where we specialize in “Bringing it all together!”

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