Written By Russell Flowers

In Development : Omniprise Voice Picking

February 16, 2011 | omniprise

To meet the challenge of moving products from a warehouse floor to a packaged shipment, Omniprise has traditionally offered two solutions. The first solution is the most basic: a picking screen where workers can see the item or product, the quantity needed for the shipment or order, and the current stock areas holding that item (and the quantities found there). The only downside is that it does require the user to be in front of a terminal, perhaps using printouts of the information. The second solution moves to the next level, using a PDA with a barcode scanner. This allows the user to have freedom of movement, using the scanner to select an order to fill the item, and the stock area. However, there are drawbacks to this method as well, usually involving the user's attention being divided by looking at the PDA screen. Now Omniprise is implementing voice picking. In voice picking, the PDA is replaced by a headset (earpiece and microphone), and sometimes augmented with a scanning unit worn on the wrist. Voice picking offers several advantages over manual and PDA picking. First, training is simpler with voice units, as there are only a few commands to learn, and most interactions are intuitive. Second, users have full use of both hands, where they would otherwise have a PDA or clip-board. Third, by eliminating the need to continually shift one's eyes to and from the PDA screen, speed and efficiency are increased. Last, voice picking methods are typically faster than PDA scanning implementations. Companies who have moved to voice picking can generally expect productivity to increase by 10% to 20%, and accuracy of up to 99.9%.* Stay tuned for more information as we integrate voice picking with the power of the Omniprise system. * *

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