Written By Charles Atkinson

Lego’s, Lincoln Logs and OmniAPI

April 25, 2011 | omniprise

I remember as a child playing with Lego's and having a blast. I could build and build to my heart’s desire, whatever my imagination let me dream up. Houses, cars, rocket ships and boats, just to name a few, are the technical accomplishments I achieved. Part of it I’m sure fuels my creativity and desire to dream today. But there was a problem; I could only use Lego's in my creation and I also had these ancient toys called Lincoln Logs lying around. These toys were made with wood and while I could still build great structures, Lego's and Lincoln Logs just could not be used to build a single solid structure. Yes, I could build a Lincoln Log barn and a cool Lego rocket ship to hide in the barn, but it would have been better to combine the two seamlessly into one MEGA Lincoln Log/ Lego space station. Yeah, now I have got your attention. I had two great toys but no true way to combine them, aside from gravity. Most things are built that way. In the “Good Ole' Days”, designers just did not think about the possibility of two different products working together for the common good of the consumer. The methodology was to build or design a product in a vacuum and completely shut off any other idea that was not dedicated to advancing the one product. “What other product could make mine better? I know what the customer needs and they only need what I have to offer.” Therein lies the problem and at the same time the reason for many companies fading into obscurity. Think; what if your phone could also play your music? What if you could actually watch your favorite shows on your computer? What if you could have a sandwich with both peanut butter AND jelly? Wait, you can do these things now can’t you. Maybe that is why companies who think ahead and build compatibility and growth into their products tend to succeed and innovate rather than disappear and stagnate. Innovation, Compatibility, and Growth: These things are exactly what the developers of Omniprise were thinking when they decided to build an API (Application Programming Interface) into the Omniprise Software Suite. We know there are software solutions that complement Omniprise. OmniAPI allows customers to take advantage of not only all the rich features and benefits of Omniprise, such as Human Resources Management, Customer Relations Management, Financial Resource Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, but allows customers to integrate other complementary software options directly with Omniprise. If there is a feature that is not included but is offered by another vendor, such as Event or Email Management through Constant Contact, customers can integrate the two software solutions to get the best of both worlds. If a customer already owns a “Live Chat” software solution, why not combine that solution with Omniprise to automatically generate sales leads or create orders? That’s what we thought!!! Omniprise has been designed to put the customer first and let you have your peanut butter with your jelly, your eggs with bacon and your Lincoln Logs with your Lego's. It is your business and you should not be held hostage to a single solution. With Omniprise and OmniAPI, you can achieve the maximum return on investment while ensuring room for growth in the future. “Bringing it all together” is a way of life at Omniprise, not just our motto.

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