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Life in Utopia – Intro

December 13, 2010 | utopia

For my first post, I’d like to go into some of the details of Utopia Self-Scan, a fully functional self-checkout solution for grocery and convenience stores.

Utopia is one of Hitcents key software brands, created entirely by Hitcents including the logo, the sleek looking UI, and the versatile software backend.

The program began in 2006, and has been rewritten to offer both a Linux-based and .Net/Windows-based version of the system.

Utopia’s key features:

  • Easily integrates into new Point-of-Sale systems, hence it could theoretically work in any store
  •  Can be implemented to work with new systems such as Microsoft Dynamics POS
  • Easily integrates with new or existing hardware
  •  A grocery chain could re-use old scanners, printers, etc. they may have on hand
  • Take advantage of new devices, such as MEI’s revolutionary Bill Recycler: the BNR
  • Shoppers can checkout as quickly and easily as possible
  •  Few button presses are required: you can scan & pay without even touching the screen
  • Orders can be completed in seconds
  • Items that require attention by an attendant do not slow you down, you may continue to scan your order


For general info on our system, feel free to check us out at Over the course of this series, I’m going to go over aspects of how the Utopia system works. Explaining at times an overview that a non-technical person can follow, and sometimes going more in-depth with specific programming and software design topics.

Next time, I’ll discuss specifics on how our system is designed.

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