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Mobile Application Concept

February 07, 2013 | app development

Clients come to us all the time with app ideas, but never research if there is an app that already performs exactly the same way of their idea. There are so many apps today that it is important to research the market before running with (what individuals believe to be) a great idea. When we first develop any app, we know that research has to be done on our concept. If no similar apps can be found, after searching in depth on the Apple app store and Google Play, that is when we run with an idea. We want others to understand that you have to do your research to find out if your idea already exists.

Another issue with app ideas is that a lot of apps are made for a niche market that only work for a certain amount of people. We know that to reach maximum success an app has to be created that works for the majority of the population. App developers always have to ask themselves: why would people use this app? Whether it be a utility or a game, it is important to understand how relevant an app would be to the general population. A best practice is to combine multiple aspects to create one great app. In creating one of our apps, PictureTHIS, we combined humor, teamwork, competition, goals, and other aspects to tap into the interests of different groups of people.

Once you determine that your app idea meets all criteria (original, intriguing, far reaching, usable, etc.), it’s time to begin concept development. At the very beginning of our app development, I created a flow chart on how the experience would work. It is always important to work on concept development before spending any time on user interface design. I recommend this for other app developers. To learn more about the entire app development process, view our full Case Study here.


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