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Our Desks - How Hitcents Employees Tackle Daily Projects With A Dash Of Fun

September 24, 2014 | creativity / hitcents

If you work in an office setting, your desk is often like a second home to you. It’s where you spend the majority of your day tackling the many projects that are part of your job. Understandably, many people want to make their desks a small environment that not only helps them work well and happily, but also gives a sense of identity. Your desk often becomes an extension of you and your personal brand. 

This week, we decided to highlight some of the individuals in our office who have unique desk arrangements, looking into what their favorite item is and why they enjoy having their particular setup. At Hitcents, we thrive under the belief that a good workplace culture benefits employees and has positive effects on their work. 

Charles Atkinson

"Bragging rights. It helps relax. It’s a little piece of home."
Favorite item: Darth Vader candy bowl


Annie Erskine

"I love having toys on my desk. I think it’s fun. When I was an intern at Cartoon Network, we were encouraged to bring toys and art for our cubicles. There were some people who had so many toys that you could not see the surface area of the cubicle. That made me happy. I got used to working with toys and art surrounding me. I cannot work if there’s not a piece of me at my desk."
Favorite item: Captain Janeway


Kelly Mulhall

"I just like having stuff sitting around so it's not so sterile."
Favorite item: "My fake succulent plant that my boyfriend gave me on Valentine's Day, because he couldn’t find real succulents."


Andrew Rush

"To add non-conformity, is to add the unexpected, and to add solutions that turn the mind in such a way, is to solve problems that would otherwise boondoggle those that expect equipment to act in certain ways. In such a way, problem solving can be a transformative (ahem) process with solutions that can also be unexpected, but you must think of them anyway."
Favorite item: Devastator


It's All In The Details

Studies show that even the smallest details about your workplace, from where you sit to how your office is arranged (HBR and the Wall Street Journal provide great case studies), can affect employee productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction. So while Transformer toys and succulent plants do provide a sense of entertainment and enjoyment, they also have other subtle effects that are not always easily seen yet help make work a positive experience. 

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