Written By Macy Mills

PictureTHIS!: How a Simple Idea Became a Reality

August 07, 2012 | picture this! / app development

Hitcents recently launched our newest app, PictureTHIS, for iOS and Android devices. PictureTHIS is a social word game where you pick a word, take a crazy picture, and have your friends guess!

It’s a great way to interact with others and play a game at the same time. PictureTHIS brings together elements like humor, teamwork, competition, and goals to create a game that appeals to everyone!  This has been a learning experience for all that collaborated on the project. Many different departments here at Hitcents were involved. Check out our case study to see all the components that came together to come out with PictureTHIS! The case study explains the process from start to finish of app development. Click here to check out the app for iOS devices, and here for the Android version!

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