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Shared Storage and Virtualization

December 14, 2010 | technology

Hitcents is planning a joint presentation and luncheon with Dell, on January 12, 2011, regarding their EqualLogic Storage Area Network (SAN) devices and it's advantages. Any business in the area is more than welcome to come and have lunch with us and talk about shared storage and virtualization. These subjects are very important to the future of server management. The prices are coming down within reach of average organizations and as a result both will have an increasing presence in server/storage solutions for organizations of all sizes. When it comes down to it, this is another revolution in computing, though the application of it is mainly business related. One of the big initial revolutions in computing came back in the 80486 and original Pentium days of the mid 90's. That's when hardware standards were defined and so each computer was not designed with specific components. You could buy a memory module from one of a few different (today many) manufacturers, and as long as it meets the standards that were set for that computer, it will work. This opened up competition for prices to come down and options for component replacement and upgrading. Today what we see is a revolution in the sense that a running server can be totally removed from reliance on the hardware on which it runs. That means that if the server hardware malfunctions for any reason the server can be brought up on a different server hardware machine without having to reinstall anything. It can just boot up as if nothing happened. With the right software tools, this can be made to occur automatically and near instantly; and that's just one application of many. Shared storage is central to making this ability a reality. So join us January 12th, to find out more. Click the following link to register:

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