Written By Jamie Resch

The Importance of The Design of Your Workplace

July 29, 2014 | design

Your office is a reflection of who you are and how you work. That’s why we, at Hitcents, are emphatic about maintaining a fun environment that’s also conducive to creative productivity. When the stresses of work become a little overwhelming and we need to take a break, we can head to the café for a game of ping pong, or out on the balcony to watch the Hot Rods warm up for their next big game. If we’re hard at work and find ourselves stuck in a creative rut, we’ve got several spacious conference rooms, perfect for brainstorming.

For Hitcents, collaboration and flexibility are the keys to our success. When a client approaches us with a new idea for a project, we begin by providing them with a detailed and customized proposal. Our proposals are based on the information we’ve gathered from meeting with clients and having one-on-one discussions about their needs. Once the idea is mapped out in perfect detail, and we are ready to push the big red button, the developers and designers collaborate in a design kickoff. We’ll have the client take a look at our custom-built wireframes of the app or website, so that the client can get a feel for how the app will actually work. Once the client is happy with the logic and flow of the app or website, we will begin design. We never move forward until the client is 100% satisfied with the look and functionality of the project.

Hitcents takes great pride in its caliber of employees. We are an organically grown, talented group of people who aren’t afraid to adapt to best suit the digital and interactive needs of our client. That is why we take our philosophy of openness and adaptability beyond just our software and practices; we also work in a physically open and inviting environment. Expansive and free of cubicles and confined work spaces, our office was built to encourage collaboration between departments and creative flexibility.

Come visit us, take a ride on the Z board, and check out our cool space!


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