Written By Chris Nation

Twitter celebrates it's 5th Birthday.

March 21, 2011 | social media

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging network is celebrating it's fifth year of business since 2006. The growth statistics are impressive, as Twitter boasts "140 million tweets per day", which is up from 50 million a year ago, and "46,000 accounts created per day" (Networkeffect, 2011).

We here at Hitcents are big proponents of using Twitter as part of your social media package. In fact, we believe that not only should you take advantage of this valuable networking but you should customize it as well. Part of creating your online image is making it unique! Our Hitcents creative strategists uniquely brand each client's social media solutions to their needs. This means a custom background, a new logo specific to social networking, changing the font colors, and even having custom icons on your website.

In one of my previous posts, I discussed the importance of Twitter in purchase decisions on online buyers and users. Twitter is a valuable resource provider for free advertising, promoting events or offering discounts to followers. Since Twitter is boasting "46,000" created accounts per day, we know this platform is projected for continued growth.

I foresee in the future Twitter being even more of a powerful communicator than it currently is. The disastrous events in Japan is a good example of Twitter at work. After the 8.9 magnitude earthquake, Mashable reported that Twitter was being used as a "go-to service" in emergencies racking up "1,200 tweets per minute!" (Mashable, 2011). Now that's impressive! Twitter helps update us, communicate to us, and even protect us! Check out this video that is was produced by Twitter and found on their new website (http://discover.twitter.com) honoring its five year anniversary!

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