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Web Design Trends

March 05, 2011 | web design

With the face of the web constantly changing, it's important to stay on top of current web design trends. In 2011, as we enter a new decade, we find that websites are moving away from more conservative design to a new era of sophisticated visualizations. Here are a few ways you can ensure your website stays cutting edge in the coming year: 1. Simple graphic pages that can be viewed on multiple platforms If you haven't already, it's time to alter your websites to be viewed on multiple devices. With the rise of smart phones and tablets, users are taking their web experience on the go. Having a site that shifts from a typical web perspective to one that can be utilized in smaller formats makes your company more versatile. Try condensing important information and limiting the amount of links. Companies without mobile companion sites limit themselves to the amount of traffic they could receive. 2. Big statements of Typography You may be thinking, “Typography is nothing new,” but in 2011 we can expect a surge in the number of sites that use bold fonts in large sizes as a focus. Clean, sans-serif fonts that use half the screen space tend to be more popular because they have a dramatic impact to the eye. When it comes to selling yourself, subtlety is hardly an option. Voice your message in a direct way. 3. Bright, yet simple color palettes As resolution continues to increase on monitors, so does our tolerance of bright, bold colors. Color is the first way your customers recognize your brand, and companies are becoming more keen on picking colors that are easily identifiable. Have you ever heard the term “Facebook blue” used in conversation? We have! The trick is to find a basic color scheme that is basic and bold, yet not overwhelming with balancing neutral accents. Popular color schemes can be seen here ( 4. Varied Domain Names As the web expands at an astounding rate, the domain name you had planned may not be available! Good news though; it turns out .com is so 2010. This year, we can expect to see a rise in various domain extensions. For example, popular extensions include .us, .co, .me, and many more. This is another step in legitimizing your brand, and making your company stand out. 5. Large Images as Backdrops A picture speaks 1,000 words, and what better way to say what you want than with a large graphic as your website background. An image, overlain with text is the hottest trend in web design right now. It is a chance for companies to express a more artistic side and become better connected with their customers. A well composed shot can sometimes reveal more about a company than a wordy mission statement. Whether your looking to start from scratch or give your business a makeover, incorporating emerging design trends can boost your business. At Hitcents, we believe in dreaming it real, and you can bet that we will continue to be on point with current trends to better serve you!

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