WAPF Real Food Finder

Making it easy to find real food, close to home.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is well known for being an authority on nutrition and a strong proponent of healthy eating. WAPF has successfully published an annual booklet highlighting raw and nutrient dense foods. The booklet had tens of thousands of subscribers, but was only available via fax. Hitcents collaborated with Real Food Mobile to take this powerful resource and make it available in a better format and to a wider demographic. We worked together to take a successful small booklet with base user group and make it an in depth crowd-sourced resource capable of providing accurate and updated food and location information to an even larger audience.

Our Solution

Revamping a niche old school market and providing a new, living, breathing resource to hundreds of thousands of people is a lofty goal, but we were up to the task. We created an iOS app that could search and even suggest new items for the database that also leverages the GPS location functionality to help users find the real food near them. The crowd sourced aspect of flagging incorrect information combined with a robust administrative maintenance of the quality, WAPF prides themself on making finding Real Food real easy.

Initial Planning

We didn’t just want to create a database, we needed to create a thoughtful user experience that would be both powerful yet enjoyable to use. To work through the processes we created a full set of wireframes and established the functionality and flow of the app before we moved to the aesthetics. This allowed us to focus on the more important aspect of the user’s experience before dealing with the brand and aesthetics.


Icon Design

A good-looking app that doesn’t do anything is a bad app. But a powerful app that no one will use is equally worthless. We wanted to marry the functionality and aesthetics to create a powerful impact. WAPF's current brand was geared toward an older demographic, so we needed to find a way to capture a more modern demographic without sacrificing the brand recognition or quality that this app was built upon. We worked with Real Food Media to maintain user familiarity while implementing a new icon and name. By mimicking the booklet’s style on the splash page and adding a healthy page curl, we helped the user to understand that they are receiving the same great information in a much better package.

Original Concept


Revised Concept


We began with a bold icon that aimed to capture the simplicity and freshness of raw food, as we communicated with Real Food, though, we were better able to understand their goals and needs and adapted the icon to showcase prominent food categories associated with their market. Through hours of sketching and illustrating, meetings and more sketching and illustrating we were able to present Real Food with many strong options.

Final Result


In fact, we created over 16 different icons

until we got it just right.

Final Product

With an emphasis on functionality and user experience, our team collaborated with Real Food Mobile to create a powerful and user friendly product. Together, we transformed a simple paper production into a modern social resource. Bring on the coconut milk.

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