Publishing your game in your native country is not easy.

Successfully publishing in a foreign country is nearly impossible without the RIGHT connections.

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You have to be asking the RIGHT questions.

The mobile game market around the word continues to be very fragmented and is getting hard to infiltrate on a daily basis. As small as this world seems to be at times it still feels incredibly large when you start asking yourself the right questions…

Who will help you and who can you trust? Are you confident your ability to translate correctly? How do you conduct native language focus groups? Is your culturalization strategy correct? Does your monetization plan properly align with the native culture? What about market research?

Concerns & Solutions

Important matters to consider and how we address them.

Publishing a game in an unknown foreign market alone is a major risk. At Hitcents we took on that daunting task and created a process that allows us to take your product and publish it around the world while properly localizing the game content for each market. We answer those difficult questions with decisive action based on a proven model. With local staff in both the United States and China we have the right team that understands each segment of the market.

It's a good idea to be cautious before doing business especially when doing it in another country. It’s imperative that you do your research and make sure you can trust the business partner that you chose.

At Hitcents we have very close relationships with several channels that we work closely with on a regular basis. This includes Apple China, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, MGM, Xamarin and many more…

We’ve partnered with top international tech, media, entertainment, marketing, and management companies. We work directly with all the major gaming portals and device manufacturers. We have great relationships with important news outlets, journalists, and bloggers in the mobile game industry

Not only do we ensure that localization is accurate and that it makes sense to the market but we create a custom plan for you so you can culturalize your game to the local market. Culturalizing is taking into account the local culture of the market you are releasing it in. We do this by having locals that are hip to the local culture in each country we publish in. This gives us a strong advantage and helps us gain a stronger foothold in countries all over the world. Many times creating a grassroots movement in a foreign market.

Our Games have been known to win a few awards…


Many things are needed to have a successful game.

  • 1
    A large audience ready to play your game and interested when new games come out
  • 2
    A deep and relevant understanding of the market you wish to be successful in
  • 3
    An ability to dynamically change to stay ahead of market and social trends
  • 4
    An incredible array of industry connections and partnerships
  • 5
    Accurate localization and a custom culturalization plan
  • 6
    An award winning top notch marketing, PR, and Support network
  • 7
    A publishing partner that has over 100,000,000 million users and track record for having games featured and being in the top 10 slots in major app stores.
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