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10 Great Blogs for a Developer's RSS Feed

December 22, 2011 | development

I wanted to compile a quick list of excellent blogs for programmers. Not all will apply to every developer, but spending a few minutes a day on Google Reader can give you great insight into different technologies and even hone your skills on the tools you use on a daily basis. Most of us have those few minutes to spare in a day, and I think a good blog read will benefit most developers more than seeing the latest lolcat pic or random video on YouTube. Below are the recommended blogs. 

In no particular order:

Jon Skeet – The number one user on stackoverflow, Jon is an employee of Google (using Java professionally) but avid C# enthusiast. His exploits include investigating the inner workings of the C# compiler, as well as creating open source projects like Noda Time (a replacement of the .Net DateTime APIs). He is also has a “Chuck Norris”-like aura if you meet him in person, I hear.

John Resig - John is the head of open source Javascript development at Khan Academy and the creator of JQuery, possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to Javascript.

Scott Hanselman – Scott is a program manager at Microsoft known for his great public speaking and excellent sense of humor (in my opinion). He works on the ASP.Net/Web Platform team for Microsoft, while somehow finding time for the excellent podcasts: This Developer's Life and Hanselminutes.

Rob Conery – The odd combination of a Rubyist and C# developer, Rob is the co-founder of TekPub, a site dedicated to producing high quality tutorials on cutting edge programming topics. He also co-stars on the “This Developer's Life” podcast with Scott Hanselman.

Miguel de Icaza – Creator of the Mono and Gnome open source projects, Miguel has some impressive projects under his belt. Can you imagine writing the .Net framework from scratch to run on Unix? Currently he works at his current company, Xamarin, developing tools such as MonoTouch and Mono for Android for writing iOS and Android apps in C#.

Coding Horror (Jeff Atwood) – Co-founder of stackoverflow, Jeff is an avid C# developer with his blog focusing on “the human side of software.” Some of his recent blog entries go over lighthearted topics such as gift ideas for geeks and the latest anti-aliasing algorithms in video games.

David Heinenmeier Hansson with (blog here)– Creator of Ruby On Rails, and founder of the company 37Signals, David is known as a somewhat crass individual, but has had a profound impact on the web nontheless. 37Signals develops several web-based management tools for businesses such as Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire. David is also a racecar driver in his spare time (of all things).

Phil Haack – In addition to having a great last name for a developer, Phil was recently a project manager at Microsoft on the ASP.Net/Web Platform team. He is the project coordinator for NuGet, as well as a couple open source CMS's named Subtext and Orchard. He now works for GitHub working on improving the Windows user experience for Git.

Ayende Rahien – An Israeli developer known for his somewhat brutal criticism of poor coding, Ayende works for his company Hibernating Rhinos specializing in database access in .Net. His company develops multiple SQL/ORM profilers, as well as RavenDB, a high-performance NOSQL database for C#.

The PeepCode Blog – A great blog on general web development, topics like Python vs Ruby, JQuery, HTML5 and other such topics for Web developers. Each blog entry is an amazing example of graphic design, each article having an artistic and unique look.


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