Written By Chris Nation

Accounts, Excuses & Apologies: The Art of PR

December 03, 2010 | business

Public Relations is an ever increasing tool that many organizations are realizing the value of. However, few public relations professionals actually understand the theoretical concepts behind those communications they send out. Organizational communication, most notably, corporate communications has the goal of maintaining a professional and positive image of the organization and should be prepared to repair that image should any damaging implications arise. Practitioners of these communications must have a working knowledge of the image restoration techniques that William Benoit (1995) thoroughly lays out in his book Accounts, Excuses & Apologies. Organizational crises, industrial accidents, transgressions, and those accused of wrongdoing would benefit from utilizing such impactful strategies. Think about when you have been accused of something- do you deny it, do you blame someone else, do you accept responsibility but try to offer a reason, do you apologize and seek forgiveness? All of these are typical responses that Benoit capitalizes in his book. Media relations and public relations gurus should have this book located squarely on their shelve for quick reference- because as we know-at some point something can and will go wrong!

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