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Battlepillars: In the Making

October 29, 2013 | battlepillars / gaming / app development

Battlepillars has just been released for iOS and Android devices. There were many people on the Hitcents team that helped make this dream a reality, and they wanted to share a little bit about what that process looks like. Here’s the inside scoop about how Battlepillars was created.

The Idea:

The idea of Battlepillars was born out of President Chris Mills’ desire for a battle tug of war style game. He wanted a game with back and forth battle elements. After searching the app store to see if this kind of idea existed, he didn’t find what he was looking for.  He took the idea to the Hitcents app development team to see what they could come up with. A team of animators, creators and programmers began brainstorming concepts and drawing up ideas for the game. Game designer, Phil Williams sketched out some of his ideas on a computer program. Many of those initial sketches formed the animation style for the game. They have carried through to where the game is now. Others on the team developed the specific weapons, caterpillar segments and bosses. The idea was originally played out as a board game with dice and used scoring to see if the gameplay was actually feasible. This is how developers were able to come up with the statistics and numbers for each segment’s value.

The Themes:

The themed levels were imagined by individual members of the animation team. Players fight their way through five different worlds including garden, jungle, junkyard, spooky and robot. As you venture through the different levels, the skins and accessories change to match the world. There are ten levels in each world and a boss to defeat before moving onto the next world. The developers really enjoyed brainstorming the different themes and creating the skins for the Battlepillars.

The Challenges:

One of the challenges that came up during the creative process was balancing the strength of each of the segments. The team had to determine how much damage each segment caused, how much it cost and how many apples users could earn in each level. Solving this challenge was essential for successful gameplay. If these variables weren’t properly assigned the game would be too difficult or players wouldn’t have enough apples to upgrade their weapons. There was a lot of math involved to calculate the damage and progression of difficulty.  There were also some technical programming obstacles to overcome. Since there are so many objects on the screen at one time there were some speed issues, but those have been resolved. The app development team wanted to ensure smooth gameplay and an exciting experience for everyone.

The final product:

Hitcents is really happy with the development of the game. Many of the ideas and animation have stayed consistent from the original brainstorm. Hitcents believes players will enjoy interacting with their friends in the multiplayer option. Being able to share gameplay with your friends gives Battlepillars an edge up on the majority of games available for mobile devices. One of Hitcents’ goals in creating games is to maintain a personal creativity aspect. In Battlepillars it’s totally up to the player to build and organize the segments the way they want to. Battlepillars is available on iOS and Android devices. 



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