Written By Charles Atkinson

Dashboard: The window to your company’s data

April 15, 2012 | business / omniprise

It has been said, "Your eyes are the window to your soul.” And in my opinion, the ability to look someone in their eyes and see the stark truth, what’s inside and makes up another person, can be a powerful ability that once mastered (pardon my geek factor coming out) grants the person the equivalent ability of the Jedi Mind Trick. Only in this case, you don’t have to have an increased midichlorian count.

Now stepping out on a tangent, let’s consider your company’s valuable data and how the ability to quickly and efficiently access that data in a predetermined method (that you can customize to meet your individualized need) could provide a valuable edge over competitors. Quick access grants the ability make quick and informed decisions when they count, from anywhere with an internet connection. What a game changer this ability would be.

Well, the game has changed and you can have the ability to peer into the soul of your company. The Omniprise Suite of software (ERP, CRM and HRM) provides companies this enhanced ability to quickly peer into the depths of your company’s valuable data with the Omniprise Today Dashboard. Now you might say that every software options have a dashboard and you’d be right. In some form or another, every software solution has some type of dashboard to access information. The difference maker is Omniprise gives you complete and utter control of what data is displayed, how the data is displayed and who can access the data through “Widgets”.

These “Widgets” are created within the Corporate Performance module and are directly related to reports written in the Report Writer sub module. Widgets can be in the form of Tables, Pie Charts, Line Charts, Bar Charts, and Tachometers or for the advanced user, the option is available to create your own customizable HTML widgets. Widgets can be used to not only display data but provide direct links to “Drill Down” to reports and/or actual records within Omniprise. Widgets can be designed with or without filterable options allowing the creation of multipurpose widgets. Widgets can be accessed through the Omniprise IOS apps, the web and the Graphic User Interface (Desktop application).

If you are looking for an advantage over your competitor, if you’re looking for a tool that provides the insight to make important decisions quickly and efficiently, try kicking the tires of the Omniprise Suite of software and reveal the soul of your company.

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