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First Ever iPad Website Design Software

June 12, 2012 | web development

We want to commend E-Scape on a job well done! The company has developed a software for website design optimized for iPad usage.  E-scape is the first company to develop a software of this type. These “E-Scape sites” can be viewed on internet browsers as well as iPads and iPhones, creating a whole new look for websites.

The E-Scape Website presents a very new and innovative way for website navigation. For a desktop computer, it seems silly at first to just be clicking arrows to go to the next slide on the page. But after getting used to the idea, I can see how this software could catch on. The E-Scape sites are full of color and don't have borders, creating a whole new look for a web page. I checked out the website on an iPad, and an iPhone and it looked and worked great! It was easy to navigate by just swiping through the page. These websites are definitely better to use on tablets or cell phones, but it was smart of E-Scape to make them readily available to also be viewed on a desktop.

"At E-Scape, our mantra is 'the Internet is where it is at!'; meaning the world, not just businesses, will center around the Internet experience. In the near future the access point to all information, entertainment, music, art, reading, practically everything will be through the Internet. That is why we are prepared to deliver software like E-Scape to keep up with the demand for interactivity, the expansive interverse (internet universe), and the navigation solutions to travel the Internet." Stephen Redden, founder of E-Scape said.

With clients like Keller Williams Realty and Sun Business Systems, I can see this type of software spreading quickly because nothing like it exists on the current market. It's always good to see what new software innovators have come up with, and I think that E-Scape made a step in the right direction for modern-day internet usage.


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