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Growing a Business: Our Decision to Open an Office in San Francisco

July 22, 2014 | hitcents

San Francisco is well-known for being the center of technology and innovation in the United States, often deemed the technology mecca of the world. The money and resources have young entrepreneurs flocking to the Bay Area from all over to pursue their dreams. Glu, Kabam, Zynga and other mobile gaming giants also have their headquarters in San Francisco. We realized that in order to become a top global technology company, Hitcents would need to position itself at the heart of the U.S. tech center by opening an office in the Bay Area.

Many members of the Hitcents team from Kentucky and Shanghai attended the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March. Hitcents sponsored the conference with a booth and had the opportunity to meet with many people from the gaming community, from indie developers to AAA game publishers. Participants traveled from all over the globe to attend the conference. Read more about our experiences at GDC in the previous blog post here.

Various amazing opportunities arose for Hitcents after being in the city for just a few days. Almost all of the companies at the conference had an office based in the Bay Area, many of which are their global headquarters. All the opportunities that arose from GDC were a clear indicator that Hitcents needed to open up an office in San Francisco. Hitcents has already had success working with companies in the area, such as Bay Area Rapid Transit, but it’s important to have a physical presence as well to expand business development resources on the West coast.

The primary focus of this technology hub-based office location will be business development and brand awareness. A small team of business development professionals work in the office to reach out to potential clients, as well as maintain current relationships in the area. There are also multiple networking events each night in San Francisco that have high attendance rates and successful outcomes. It’s a great way to connect with companies in various industries and to keep a pulse on the tech scene in San Francisco.

The office has been up and running since the beginning of April with plans to expand towards the end of 2014.

Hitcents in San Francisco

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