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Stickman Epic: Our Kickstarter Project

July 02, 2012 | draw a stickman

Years ago I dreamt up the idea of having a game where one could draw a stickman, and it would come to life! I brought my idea to Hitcents, and with their help my idea became a reality. In September 2011, was launched to the public. Stickmen everywhere became heroes in their own short stories where they were faced with an assortment of imaginary obstacles. Players were asked to draw various things to help their own stickman overcome these obstacles!

The response from fans has been unbelievable! The website went viral only days after its launch. We received nearly 1 million page views in just 24 hours! We followed up this great response, by creating a second episode. The success of these two games was enormous, winning multiple awards, including three Webby Awards!  Both of these episodes are available online or in the app store. But we kept hearing the same thing from people who played our games: “we want more!” That got me thinking: “what if we use all of the technology that we had developed and used it to create a full length game?” We’ve begun developing a game that takes draw a stickman to a whole new level! 

The problem with this type of game is how much time it takes to create and develop. We have already spent hours creating levels of the game and have begun focus group testing the concept. We feel it’s important that we get users feedback so we can create the best possible game for our players! This is when we decided to design a Kickstarter project. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a crowd funding website for creative projects. Many companies have found success from using this website to fund their projects. Users get the option to choose how much money they want to pledge to a project, each amount coming with a certain perk. For example, donate $250 to our Kickstarter project and receive a concept art book signed by all the developers, on top of many other prizes and opportunities! The more you donate, the better the prizes will become!

We felt this was the best way to reach our goals, so that we can release this game as soon as possible. If we reach our goal of $50,000, we will use the money to hire additional developers to get the game done in a timely manner! On the other hand, we feel that it’s important to hear what our supporters want to be featured in the game. With the feedback of our pledges, we can create a game that encompasses everything that our players want to see.

We released our Kickstarter project on June 29 and we have 30 days to reach our goal to receive the money that pledges have offered up! If you would like to help us reach our goal, please visit here to donate to our project! 


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