Written By Chris Nation

United Way Campaign Video

August 16, 2012 | videography

Early in 2012 the United Way of Southern Kentucky contracted us to create and develop a new and strategic campaign video. Their annual campaign videos have always been extremely influential in informing and creating exposure for their fundraising. Knowing this, the creative team at Hitcents went to work on developing key approaches to showcase those individuals that have been benefited by the great work the United Way and their partnering agencies do, while highlighting a few select individuals that have chosen to donate, monetary funds, to the support of the United Way and its partnering agencies. 

In conjunction with Cory Lash Productions, Hitcents filmed on location for both the donor and beneficiary stories to bring more realism and authenticity to the production. There are thousands of stories of individuals that have been helped by these partnering agencies and through a glimpse of just three, we sought to help tell these stories for the surrounding community. 

Above is the full campaign video and we hope you learn just a few of the thousands of stories out there in the Southern Kentucky region. 


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